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Family Hire


Family Hire, LLC is an authorized Vendor providing Consumer Directed Services (CDS) to Consumers in Missouri who are eligible to receive Medicaid. The CDS program provides Personal Care Attendant (PCA) services to individuals with disabilities so they can live safely at home and remain independent as long as possible.


Contact us; we will be happy to help you determine if you are eligible for MO Healthnet (Medicaid).

The CDS program, is consumer-controlled. That means consumers, at NO COST to them, are trained on how to hire/employ care attendants who will assist them with functions of daily living such as; dressing, transferring, bathing/showering, grooming, toileting, meal prep, clean-up, medication assistance, common household chores, and essential (local) transportation. Consumers participating in CDS are responsible for identifying / interviewing and hiring care attendants, managing them, and setting the work schedules. Care attendants can also be a friend or family member, but may not be a spouse or anyone under the age of 18.


Caregivers Earn $11/hr!

About Us

How to Enroll?

Contact our office (314) 686-4466 to help walk you through the steps to sign up for a pre-screen.

How to Enroll

What is CDS?

Division of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) provides financial assistance for this program through Family Hire to each eligible consumer (person in need of care). All consumers MUST meet the following criteria to participate:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Able to direct their own care

  • Capable of living independently with the CDS program

  • Be physically disabled

  • Require at least nursing facility level of care under regulations established by DHSS

  • Unmet need must be safely met at a cost that shall not exceed the average monthly Medicaid cost of nursing facility care as determined by the Dept. of Social Services (DSS).

The attendant(s) (a person, other than the consumer’s spouse, who is hired by consumer to perform personal care assistance) must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at Least 18 years of age

  • Be able to meet the physical and mental demands required to perform specific tasks required by a particular consumer

  • Agree to maintain confidentiality

  • Be emotionally mature and dependable

  • Be able to handle emergency type situations

  • Not be the consumer’s spouse

What is CDS


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